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Feedback From Clients

Our whole family firmly believes in having regular Zen-Shiatsu treatments to maintain health and well being. We have been going for 13 years. Since we discovered Cornelia we have all treatments from her. Cornelia is an outstanding practitioner. We always feel the difference after one of her treatments —far more energy and vitality.

Martin, Linda, Luke and Georgie Mcavenna, Birchgrove

Following surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer, I have tried many forms of complimentary therapies to lessen the trauma. Cornelia's shiatsu and meditation sessions have been the most effective in restoring body and soul to well being. And thanks to her meditation classes, I feel ready to start flying on my own.

Roz Lawson, Waverly, Journalist, Lecturer

For more than two years I have seen Cornelia for treatments. It has a powerful affect on my health and well-being. She accurately pin-points my emotional "hot spots" and this gives me a lot of insight into my own body. Cornelia is a dream...her treatments feel wonderful. Having Zen- Shiatsu with her is immeasurably helping me to move toward a wholistic sense of myself. I strongly recommend you give Cornelia a visit. It will become the highlight of your week!

Mary Catanzariti, Bronte, TV Operations, SBS Television

I went into the meditation course with my only expectation being that it would assist me in relaxing and unwinding from the daily grind. Now I have compeleted the 6 week class, I would describe the experience as something completely different- a journey of sorts into both body and mind. An experience that has added value to my life- a great introduction to meditation.

Matt Bennett
National Business Manager
S.C Johnson Australia