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Japanese Meridian Yoga, Qi Gong and Zen Shiatsu

work with the same principals: to clear the body's energy channels (Meridians) of blockages. Meridians carry the life force to the organs. This life force is called Chi or Ki. These practices (Shiatsu/Yoga/Qi Gong) help to strengthen the functions of the organs and essentially stimulate the body into using its own natural healing mechanism. This could be compared to a "fine tuning of a musical instrument” and this instrument is your body/mind... when well tuned we discover a new physical and psychological awareness. Once we learn theses practices (Shiatsu/Yoga/Qi Gong) a individual Self-Help program can be given.

Japanese Meridian Yoga

(similar to Ki or Ryoho Yoga) is a combination of Oki Do Yoga (Zen Yoga Therapy) and modern Zen Shiatsu, based on traditional Hatha Yoga. It offers itself as a self-help and remedial system of healing, by stretching and opening the meridians. It includes body awareness and breathing exercises.

Ongoing Yoga/Meditation/Shiatsu classses weekday & evenings for 6 weeks (1-2hrs)
at the Sydney Buddhist Centre ph. 95190440 . For information and bookings: http://www.sydneybuddhistcentre.org.au/bodywork_courses.htm
Any other course infos call Cornelia directly on: 0416 149585

Gift Vouchers available

Weekend Day Workshops

Sydney Buddhist Centre Newtown 24 Enmore Rd Newtown
and Bondi area 10.00 - 4.00pm

QI (KI) — Energy Flow In Meditation:

Meditation has many levels and layers. This workshop explores the psychological and physiological dimension of Meridians and Qi Energy in meditation. Through breathing meditation, body awareness and using the mind, we can start internal movement and open up a healthy flow of Qi, to circulate in the Meridians. This unhindered Qi flow is necessary to contact a deeper sense of self and is important for a physical and emotional wellbeing. The unobstructed, healthy Flow of Qi in Meditation creates the space where healing can take place.

Introduction to Zen Shiatsu:

For ourselves, our partner, our family and friends, this basic self-help seminar day is a practical introduction to the principles of Zen Shiatsu, where we learn to work on meridians and pressure points. We will also briefly explore the value of nutrition ("Food as Medicine" / Macrobiotics), and participate in some gentle meridian stretches, meditation and breathing exercises.

Qi Gong and Meditation:

In Oriental Medicine, Qi Energy is the "Breath of Life" that underlies all of existence. Qi is the very substance of our aliveness that pulsates within our cells and vital organs. It regulates the internal functions of the human body. In this workshop we will try to evoke positive states of mind and body by exploring the internal and external source of Qi. The exercises shown are simple, and can be integrated into your daily lifes. The seminar also includes body awareness and breathing meditation. Cornelia's has trained in Tiandi Qi Gong, and teaches wave-like exercise representing the basic movements of the elements, developing a stream of energy supporting all the cells allining and alligning mind/body

A Day of Japanese Meridian Yoga:

This day will in include breathing exercises, body awareness, visualization exercises and some theoretical knowledge about yoga and meridians.