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Medical/Diagnostic & Relaxation Treatments

Diagnostic Treatment

This treatment diagnoses your Meridian System for underlying causes of DIS-EASE. Thus, a wide range of specific medical conditions can be addressed:

Relaxation Treatment

Helps to increase:

After either type of treatment, for maximum benefit, Cornelia may advises stress reduction techniques. These include meditation, breathing, visualization exercises, corrective Yoga (Meridian) stretches - even life style and dietary counseling (food as medicine).

As you can see Zen Shiatsu is a complete health management system that considers all aspects of your health, from the physical and psychological to the spiritual.

Zen Shiatsu will change the way you look at health and healing and helps you to gain greater insights into self- and body awareness.

Cost of treatment:

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Appointment with Cornelia Wiesemueller 0416-149585 or [email protected]
at Clinic/Health Shop 269 Bronte Rd. Waverley and Sydney Buddhist Centre Newtown, 24 Enmore Rd.

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